How to create custom ringtones in your cell phone with Wavepad

How to create custom ringtones in your cell phone with Wapepad image
It is possible to use the WavePad sound-editing app for many different audio-related tasks. If your mobile phone or smartphone may utilize custom sound files as ringtones, utilize WavePad to make ringtones from your favourite music monitors, and assign unique ringtones to your own business contacts so as to know immediately who is calling you.

Ringtones are usually between five and 15 minutes in length, and it is not hard to utilize WavePad to cut a tune to this period -- everything you need is your sound file that you would like to make a ringtone out of.

1. Right-click on the sound file you want to make to a ringtone and move your mouse cursor within the "Open with" menu entry. Click on "WavePad" if the menu expands to start the WavePad sound editor.

2. Wait a second for the sound file to load and start playing WavePad. Listen to this song to find out the part you want to make in the ringtone, if needed, then click and drag to pick the desirable part of this tune.

3. Click on the "Trim begin and finish" link at the Edit section of the left sidebar. This trims the tune to just include the part you've picked. In case the ringtone begins or ends unexpectedly, you can fade at the start and/or fade from the end: pick the first two moments or so and click on "Fade in" from the left pane to automatically evaporate in the verse; then pick the previous two minutes and then click on "Fade out" to produce the verse fade out.

4. Open the "File" menu and then click on the "Save File As" button. Navigate to the desired folder on your computer and choose "MPEG Layer-3 (*.mp3)" in the "Save as type" drop-down menu. Click on the "Save" button and then move the ringtone to your telephone to place it as your own ringtone.